8th August 2022


United Liberal Catholic Churches International

Excommunication Order from the United Liberal Catholic Church International

I, the Most Reverend Doctor Jonathan T Hughes, Presiding Bishop of ULCCI on 09/07/2020 do hereby excommunicate Frank Michael Nicodemus Simpkins.

(Following on from the previous Ad Clerum dated 8th July 2020, I, hereby issue this excommunication order after receiving some seriously damaging news regarding Frank Simpkins that could cause serious damage to ULCCI itself.)

You may view the actual Excommunication Order here.

The reason for excommunication is:

Mr Simpkins is a title hunter, having deceived the College of Bishops of ULCCI (by providing false paperwork regarding his consecration), gained a position of Provincial Bishop of the USA, carried out WICCA worship which is not conducive with the liberal Catholic tradition and has made a mockery of the Holy Church.  He is found guilty of break canon law.  I removed and revoke any form of Holy Orders granted to Frank Simpkins by ULCCI from the date above.  This is not what a person would do who is of sound mind body and soul, I fear that there is something else at work and we are called to protect the church of God from any harm.

In Latin: Idcirco eum cum universis complicibus, fautoribusque suis, judicio Dei omnipotentis Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, et beati Petri principis Apostolorum, et omnium Sanctorum, necnon et mediocritatis nostrae auctoritate, et potestate ligandi et solvendi in coelo et in terra nobis divinitus collata, a pretiosi Corporis et Sanguinis Domini perceptione, et a societate omnium Christianorum separamus, et a liminibus sanctae matris Ecclesiae in coelo et in terra excludimus, et excommunicatum et anathematizatum esse decernimus; et damnatum cum diabolo, et angelis ejus, et omnibus reprobis in ignem aeternum judicamus; donec a diaboli laqueis resipiscat, et ad emendationem, et poenitentiam redeat, et Ecclesiae Dei, quam laesit, satisfaciat, tradentes eum satanae in interitum carnis, ut spiritus ejus salvus fiat in die judicii.

In English: Wherefore in the name of God the All-powerful, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, of the Blessed Peter, Prince of the Apostles, and of all the saints, in virtue of the power which has been given us of binding and loosing in Heaven and on earth, we deprive him and all his accomplices and all his abettors of the Communion of the Body and Blood of Our Lord, we separate him from the society of all Christians, we exclude him from the bosom of our Holy Mother the Church in Heaven and on earth, we declare him excommunicated and anathematised and we judge him condemned to eternal fire with Satan and his angels and all the reprobate, so long as he will not burst the fetters of the demon, do penance and satisfy the Church; we deliver him to Satan to mortify his body, that his soul may be saved on the day of judgement

The Most Reverend Dr Jonathan T Hughes