8th August 2022


United Liberal Catholic Churches International

Beirut Explosion: What Happened in Lebanon and Everything Else You Need to Know

Lebanon‘s cabinet has declared a two-week state of emergency in Beirut following a huge explosion at the city’s port which sent shock waves across the capital on Tuesday, killing at least 135 people and injuring thousands.

Marwan Abboud, Beirut’s governor, said more than 300,000 citizens had been left unable to sleep in their own homes due to the explosion, which is thought to have been caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate that was stored unsafely at the port for six years.

It came as ministers agreed to place Beirut’s port officials under house arrest until responsibility for the disaster has been determined and documents revealed custom officials had warned of the “serious danger” posed by the chemical stockpile years before the explosion yesterday.

O Lord most high.
We pray for those who have lost their lives and their families,
we also pray for the government in Beirut,
that they may support the families of the departed
and bring to justice those responsible for this tragedy.
In the name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.